Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services

Major Palooza

NOTE: The Department of Exploratory Studies and Career Services are in the process of re-engineering Major-Palooza. Therefore, we will not be having it this year (originally scheduled for February 28). Look for a reinvented version at some point in the future. Thank you for your continued support and interest!!

Open to all students who want to learn more about majors and possible career paths.? Talk with departmental faculty members, academic and career advisers, and student leaders.

Learn more about:

-Required classes
-What you can do with your major
-What to consider when choosing or changing majors
-How your classes would transfer if you change majors?

-Occupations that match your interests and personality
-Salary and job outlook information
-Suggested classes for specific career areas?

Faculty - Staff:?We are looking for participation from all undergraduate and some graduate departments. Major-Palooza is a great recruiting opportunity for departments to promote their majors and programs to a targeted group in a relatively short time frame.??

Major-Palooza, co-sponsored by Career Services and Gateway Programs/QUEST, typically has?around 400-500 students and 50 departments representing over 75 majors attend this event each year.?All undecided?students from the Gateway/QUEST program are required to attend.???

Based on completed? student evaluations, over 50% of students tell us that after Major-Palooza, they are ready to declare a major! Furthermore, over 90% of students indicate that advisers, faculty, and/or student reps are the most helpful in helping them make a decision!



Last Updated: 8/17/17